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So in that striation I’d like to talk about a insufficient things that you and Joe have different ideas about. The first the same is the word ‘anything’, as in “when I’m in a submissive atmosphere I’ll do anything”. To Joe this literally means anything that he can entertain the idea of that he feels is not too risky, with no restrictions of any kind. It is out-and-out. To you it means “anything within deduce”, however only you know what is reasonable. Recompense example, you have already said no pictures or video, no way no how. To Joe this is in conflict with his idea of “anything”. Yes he knows that you have said no to pictures, but in the present circumstances he is wondering if “anything” in due course trumps that. So there’s a mixed message there that you will eventually have to settle. It would probably be best if you said “almost anything” or “identically anything” to give stop yourself some wiggle room to second things like pictures or majority piercings, unless you really meant to over all rules and restrictions out the window.

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I nodded. I could feel Clara straddling my legs. She seemed to be fully clothed, but I could caress her wet pussy wrapped around them. When she put her hands around my cock, they were slimy and cool with lube. I moaned appreciatively.
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