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“You don’t have to be sarcastic.” She sat down in the chair opposite me, arms folded across her chest. “Yeah, okay, I’m trying to don juan you, and we both know it. What’s so wrong with that? I demand to require love to my husband! Gosh, what a monster that must make me!” Her camouflage softened, and her eyes turned pleading. “I’m a human being, John. I do have needs. And you do, too…you shouldn’t ignore them. I mean, it’s been a goddamn eternity for you, so don’t tell me you aren’t the least bit frustrated. You’ve got to be spent of doing it by hand, all the…”

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As usual you are more right then wrong. I jibe consent to completely adjacent to Tim. There is a matter of respect there. The guy is obviously wealthy and I don’t think he respects anyone who isn’t. He is just utilized to getting anything or anyone he wants. Joe and I did talk more him and he said he would talk with Ron. The thing I have noticed roughly Tim is that if it wasn’t for his money, foreplay would be blowing up his inflatable date. It’s easy to brood over why he is single.
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