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“She just can’t help herself can she?”

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“OH…UHH…JESSICA…FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Daniel groaned as he felt himself cumming. The tip of his cock jumped again and again as stream after stream of his thick, plentiful semen photograph deep into her womb. Both of them didn’t give a distinguish sentence about the jeopardize of Jessica getting pregnant or not; the opinion of their united orgasm with Daniel’s cock inside her pussy was absolutely unbelievable. Daniel came what felt like a hundred spurts into her, driving his cock as deep as reachable into her pussy. Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt his seed a pasting relentlessly against her womb, bouncing distant the walls of her vagina. It was as if Jessica’s pussy was mercilessly squeezing at his cock, determined to receive the last of his semen, while continuously attacking at its utterly with juices of her own. However, the likelihood of emptying the model of his ruin on her inviting, blameless body was too tremendous: Daniel pulled his cock out and shot his pattern spurts of cum over her. Surprised that he still maintained a enthusiastic deal of pressure, Daniel watched as his bountiful semen squirted everywhere as surplus the bed: over her face, her tits, and her belly and onto the pillows and sheets. When their bodies finally ceased in their vigorous harry, they were in a daze, covered in cum and sweat.
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