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Also, if you oblige any questions on how Joe, or Tommy for that matter, will react to something, just ask. I try to answer my email as expert as possible and usually deliver it up on the computer continually when I’m at home.

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“Yeah, come over here and suck my cock!” One of them yelled. I think it was Derek.
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“Yes, you’ve mentioned that.” Wow, is that my Ellen? She sounds so very cold. This gazabo seems to truly annoy her. I’m precisely glad that I’m not in his shoes, I couldn’t stand this if the roles were reversed. My dream lady appearing with my rival and rejecting me? That’s tainted. But she has driven me past nether regions as well. Ellen surely has the power to exhaust men and I’m perfectly glad I’m not on the receiving end of this ability this time.

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“You advised of, you could still be his paramour after this if you wanted.”
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