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To begin with, I agree with you everywhere men and pictures. Joe would in all likelihood carry undressed pictures of me in his wallet if I would let him. So far Tommy hasn’t asked about a picture. Joe might should prefer to already told him no. That I don’t be sure. I’ll deal with the artwork issue if and when it comes up with Tommy.

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“You disappointed?” She could read me like a book. “Superbly, there was no way I was going to study in that bloody uninspired bikini-tools, if that’s what you had thought. Not with all your pervy mates there. Besides, don’t you cogitate on I look sexy?”
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Maybe there is more to write about, unerringly now, I simply don’t know.

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He undoes his own trousers and out pops his 9 inch extensive, hairy, cock. “oh god, it’s really big” Jane gasps, seeing for the ahead time the cock she is going to get to know altogether well to be realistic. “Your going to procure it in every hole Jane” he leers. “And that includes up your ass. But that won’t be today.”
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