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I can’t help but grin, as the humor is inescapable from any perspective in the room. Even if the punchline of the joke is that they don’t think I’m a man. But this IS me being a man. This is me TAKING control of my sexuality, and turning my wife into the hungry, inconsiderate and demeaning slut I know she wants to be.

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Oh my fkin gawd, your mouth feels so reliable as you relentlessly work me over. Without using your hands at all, you bob up and down slowly and keep the suction exceedingly hard. Pete’s voice sounds like its 200 feet away as he continued on about for all time being able to enforce a vital scurvy list, but all I was uncommonly concentrating on was your intense mouth, the way you would sometimes turn your head around the head of my cock or the happening that I was about poised screw up a straight-faced load.
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