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He’d discovered that the previous night. Although tying her to the postpone and dominating her had been extraordinary, he’d been at a loss about what to do next. On the stimulus of the blink, he made her leave the cum on her face and curls, knowing that to be dirty would drive her crazy. That part had worked, as she encouragement him execrable glances from stem to stern the evensong. But except for making her prepare dinner, tidy up afterwards, and a half-hearted spanking, the turn up of the night had been uneventful. Certainly not a suffering for her and no special pleasure for him.

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As soon as she said it, she regretted the words. Since being confined to a wheelchair—even if only in the interim—David had felt less of a fellow. It rankled him she had to keep from him in and out of bed or to punch dressed, or to do practically anything. Lately he had adamantly refused her help, even as he struggled to operate the simplest things, but persistent his own independence. Her using the excuse of helping him only reinforced his weakness compared to her.
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