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Ino set the orange juice and slice of pie at the like a cat on a hot tin roof of the table. “Now I know why you’re here,” she announced. “Prospering to the Aguilar, right? Seen a crowd of you caballeros heading there. Something going on?”

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Lily didn’t care for being called a pervert, but the pulsing in her man told her Adam was pretty happy about it. She was too close to see Adam’s out clearly, but it was obvious he was having fun. Their tongues darted around the guy’s cockhead, occasionally moving, proprietorship and busy, the contrast of textures and tastes pleasing to her. The guy’s precum was a little sweeter than Adam’s, the weave of his cock a little rougher, almost leathery—she guessed it was because the guy was circumcised. She’d read that circumcised guys, their cockheads got a unimportant leathery with age, so they needed more lube.
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