“It is when I am being blackmailed,” I replied.

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“It is when I am being blackmailed,” I replied.
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“Oh, it is,” Candice replied.
“It is when I am being blackmailed,” I replied.
Suddenly we were kissing. At first softly, then furiously. Our tongues worked round the other’s mouth. I withdrew and equity her neck. She gasped.
I froze as her thick finger traced my knife up and down I jumped and gasped as she gripped my pussy and squeezed.
This is my victory story which is mostly correct with some embellishing in order to make the story more vivid and count up better clarity. There are mysterious moments with lots of humor. Both of us are well-disposed of in the interest insufficiency of a better word somewhat klutzy and our sex is rather kooky. At least her orgasms are! I would appreciate any and all comments whether good or painful. If the comments are generally seemly, I will write component 2 and then as for 3 which will be unfolding this winter. Through you.


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