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“No kidding,” Brett said.

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SHHMOP! SHHMOP! SHHMOP!! “Ahhh…Ohmmm…Mwuahhh…Your cock tastes so fucking good,” she gasped. This at intervals, instead of immediately going back to sucking, she lowered her head down to his balls. She started at the bottom of his flue and began to lick the sides up and down with the tip of her idiom. Starting with the station of his intestinal fortitude, she gathered up the pool of pre-cum there into her mouth and began cleaning up the sides. Daniel enjoyed this treatment thoroughly, watching the housewife as she turned her make a beeline for head up ninety degrees and rubbed her lips along his gleam, her tongue flicking lickety-split against his ardent punishment as she did so.
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My wife and I seldom, if ever, had any sexual contact. My old college friend had been my only shacking up accessory for roughly a year now until the old girlfriend came traitorously into the picture. I was riding high, having two women giving themselves to me. I hated sharing the old college friend with her husband, but I took some comfort in sly that she was not on birth manage and that he in perpetuity entered her with a condom. I was the only single making skin-to-skin contact, and I was the only one putting my juices inside her.

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“Goodbye.” Helena mumbled and, of two minds of her own words, lowered her eyes. “That’s it I suppose.”
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