“You mean that? You are really serious?”

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“You mean that? You are really serious?”
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Bruce backed off slight, Kim rolled onto her back and in an instant I covered her. There were no niceties, valid a fast and furious fuck, culminating in an orgasm so explosive that respecting a importance I seemed to lose consciousness.
“I’m a regulator. I urge a exercise for the government, low pay and very arid,” she said.
“You mean that? You are really serious?”
Going to our city Catholic church one Sunday, as the good wholesome ex-nun that I am, I realized that I recognized almost every darbies sitting there. Nicely dressed men, sitting with their wives and children, prim and proper. And I had fucked pretty much every one of them. As I walked down the aisle to take my seat I made eye contact with each, and smiled at their wives. Graceful ladies, most. Who all had no idea that I knew the feel of their husband’s cock in my hands, chops, cunt and in some cases ass, as well as they did.
“Okay,” he softly says, stands up and leaves for the roomer room. Shit, what do I do now?


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